Pet Rock Investments is a Digital Asset Management company.

Investors are searching for opportunities in digital assets and our funds seek to provide regulated access to crypto markets.

At Pet Rock Investments we want to solve the biggest problem in Crypto investments: Trusted access to Crypto markets.

Clients love Crypto for the potential of high asset appreciation and yields. It also provides an opportunity for portfolio diversification. However, not only is the asset class price volatile, but highly technical to navigate and most clients in the market don’t know or understand enough to invest or invest more in Crypto and prefer to invest in regulated financial products or financial service providers.

Clients are asking for 1% - 5% of their portfolio to be in Crypto. Financial advisors are being asked for solutions as part of their services.

Pet Rock Investments provide access to Crypto markets using fund structures and best practices that are well known and trusted by the industry. Our funds are actively managed and we are constantly seeking the best opportunities for additional yield using the team’s Crypto and financial expertise. We aim to offer regulated access to Crypto markets.

Pet Rock Investments team

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Paul Casarin

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Matt Visser

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Bruce Richards

Investment Officer
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Melissa Engelsman

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Andre Cronje

Pet Rock Advisor

Pet Rock product offering

It’s a private investment platform by invitation only.

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